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Hi~ Nice to meet you! I'll show you how I do my cosplays. I'm not proffessional, I'm still learning, and if you're learning too, I really really hope this could help you!
Hola~ Encantada de conoceros! Mostraré cómo hago mis cosplays. Aún estoy aprendiendo, y si vosotros también estais aprendiendo, espero que esto os ayude, de verdad!
こんにちは! あなたに会えてうれしい!私はあなたに私のコスプレを表示. 私はまだ学んでいる. 気に入ってくれるとうれしいです!

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

I take commissions! ^^ (recibo encargos n_n )

Hey! ^^  Now I'm taking commissions at my deviantart! ^^
Please, please, take a look at them!! ^^ I'm most taking commissions about broochs and hair accessories. I've done some, wich you can take a look HERE. I have to add more, but I think this is fine, for the moment ^^

I'm also taking commissions about cosplays and cosplay accessories, so, if you are interested, feel free to look at my cosplay folders to see the ones I've done ^^

If you haven't got an account, you can see Deviantart anyways, and you can communicate me by blogger ^^

Thank you~!! ^^
Visit commissions journal --> HERE

My last brooch:

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