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Hi~ Nice to meet you! I'll show you how I do my cosplays. I'm not proffessional, I'm still learning, and if you're learning too, I really really hope this could help you!
Hola~ Encantada de conoceros! Mostraré cómo hago mis cosplays. Aún estoy aprendiendo, y si vosotros también estais aprendiendo, espero que esto os ayude, de verdad!
こんにちは! あなたに会えてうれしい!私はあなたに私のコスプレを表示. 私はまだ学んでいる. 気に入ってくれるとうれしいです!

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Denpa~Everywhere (The Denpa men) -Codes & tips

Today, I bought the full version of the game :) I was at level 11-13 so the forest was really easy (though I hated that poison puddles :/)
Now I'm doing the water-cave. I hate poison puddles -_-U

I caught more DM while I was in the bus :_D It was really hard, the bus was moving all the time, so I had to be really fast while capturing the DM I wanted (but I lost one shiny orange DM with antenna T^T I remember where it was, so I'll return. I hope it's still there >_<)

So... I found many DM, striped ones, shiny ones, and I had to stop capturing because I filled the box T^T Now I have 2 boxes, so I'll go hunting again xD

I'll share the QR codes of my new DM, and you can also see the old ones I have, HERE.
I'll add here new DM that I capture next.

Now I'm not able to tell the level they evolved their antennas, because I captured them already evolved >_< (and obviously, I can't tell the evolve level of the ones I haven't already evolved :_D)

Some of these new DM are shiny. I can remember 3 of them being it, but I know there were 1 or 2 more, but I can't remember who they are >_< sorry!

*TIP: If you fill your DM boxes, just take a pic of their QR codes and say Goodbye, because, after clearing the underwater cave, you get the PC and you can get your lost DM through it, so you don't need to pay offerings.

This is Boris. He hasn't got antenna, but is white+red striped, so it's interesting :3

Brycen (Man) also hasn't got antenna, but is light blue+orange striped

Carter. Red DM with Antenna Root

Chace, Red DM with Great Insult (lv 19).

Francisco (lol), Black DM with Medium Heal (All)

Graham is a Light Blue DM with Cure Burn (All)

Harper is a white DM with Antenna Root. He evolved to Always Treasure.

Jencarlos is a Black DM with Great Chain (lv. 16).

Jonathan is a dark blue DM with Rising Flames (he's strong!)

Judah is a black DM with Medium Heal (All)

Keenan is a green DM with Avalanche. I already have Devan, other green DM with Avalanche... but, they're so strong and useful, so I keep both (maybe this one is Shiny, and that would explain why I don't want to say goodbye x_D but I don't remember clearly x_D)

Kareem is a light blue DM with Ice Missile. I like that attack :3

Makai is a red+orange striped DM, with Hot Blanket (All)

Micah is a black DM with Hot Blanket (All). And, he is SHINY -so that's basically why I keep him xD

Rowen is a light blue+white striped DM, with Great Wall (lv. 18).

York is a green DM with Revive. My main DM also has a Revive antenna, but revive can be useful, and this one is SHINY, so I keep him.

Zaire is a red DM with Mobilise (All). I don't know if I kept him because of his type (red) or because it was shiny :/ (but probably it was because of the colour)

Jonah is a red DM with Fire Wall. He's SHINY.
This is Andy, light+dark blue

This is Cristian, an orange DM, with Full heal

Dalton, a red DM with Great Rage (All)

Isiah, a light blue DM with Flame Thrower. I already have a Rising Flames DM, but I found curious its type+antenna

Dean, an orange DM

Nathanael, a black DM with Excite (All). I found him near a graveyard ^^U

Octavio is a white DM with Supernova. He's SHINY, and he's very special x_D He said something about a holy light when I captured him near a graveyard :_D He was very helpful in the dark tower ^^

Roland, a dark blue DM with Great Wall (All)

Lamar is a black DM with Lullaby (All) (she's a girl!!)

Santos is a green DM with Hurricane

Vicente is an orange DM with Antidote (All) He's helpful in the underwater cave, but I got it after clearing that area :_D

Timothy is an orange+dark blue DM

Ryder is an orange DM

Eddard is an orange+dark blue DM with Awaken (All)

Gideon is a black DM with Great Chain (All)

Mike is a white DM with Ice Missile.

Kole is a red+orange DM with Mud Stream

Alfred is a black DM with Full Heal

Kamden is a black DM with Paralyse (All)

Dyluck is a red DM with Flame Thrower

Rhys is a white DM with Mud Stream

Atticus is a black DM with Fatal (All), and he's SHINY

Vance is a dark Blue DM with Magnitude 12 (and he's SHINY)

Kolby is a black DM without antenna, but I captured him because of the shape of his head xD

Emery is a black DM with Poison Wave

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