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Hi~ Nice to meet you! I'll show you how I do my cosplays. I'm not proffessional, I'm still learning, and if you're learning too, I really really hope this could help you!
Hola~ Encantada de conoceros! Mostraré cómo hago mis cosplays. Aún estoy aprendiendo, y si vosotros también estais aprendiendo, espero que esto os ayude, de verdad!
こんにちは! あなたに会えてうれしい!私はあなたに私のコスプレを表示. 私はまだ学んでいる. 気に入ってくれるとうれしいです!


Name: Esther
Nick: Shion / S3 / 402
Idolm@ster characters: Minase Iori , Kanzaki Ranko
Fav. Character type: Tsundere, Kuudere, Genki... anything that can be really shy, get angry easily and still remain cute x_D ahaha I also like beautiful outfits, so sometimes it's just that lol

Birthdate: September 25th of 1989
Zodiac: Libra and the Snake.

Height: 160cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Blood type: O- 

Started cosplaying: 2010 Summer
Blog Birhtdate:  13/12/2010
Youtube Birthdate: 07/09/2011
Start on deviantArt: Long ago, but lost the password and had to create a new one the June 15th (2011)

Social media links: on the right top of the page ^^

Interests: Reading, sleeping (yay~!), singing, dancing, drawing, writing, thinking, cooking yummy foods, Japan and its culture, japanese and english, cosplay, etc.
Hates: Fish, horrible wigs, fake people.

Number: 7!! (and 3)
Food: Chocolate, potatoes, pasta, rice and black pepper. Recently utterly attached to sesame seeds.
Fruit: Orange, pear and watermelon.
Books: A lot… xD
Animal: Cats, panda, parakeets, penguins, bunnies
Music: Anison, animetal, punk, heavy and gothic.
Anime & Manga :  Rurouni Kenshin, Natsume Yuujinchou, Crayon Shin Chan, Arina Tanemura, Gosick, JoJo, etc
Games: Ace Attorney Series, Touch detective, Enchanted folk & the school of wizardry, Pokemon, Magical Starsign, portal, The Idolm@ster, The Denpa Men...
Films: Stardust, El laberinto del fauno, El viaje de Chihiro, The 10th Kingdom
Style: Not defined. Just wear what I like, but I think it’s cute and comfortable at the same time ^^

Old Blog Headers:


Events/Cons Visited

May - Japan Weekend Valencia.

July - Otakuart
Sept - Senpai
Nov - Japan Weekend Valencia
Dec - Otakuiz

March -Cromel
April - Tierras Baldías, Albanime
May - Albanime, Expomanga Madrid
July - Otakuart, Expotaku Castellón, 1 event in Castellón
Aug - Matsuri
Nov - Salón Manga Barcelona, Japan Weekend Valencia
Dec - Mislata Otaku X-Mas

March - Cromel
Dec - Frikipotter

April - Tierras Baldías

December - Mislata Otaku X-mas

February - Mangetsu 

Cosplay Cronological Order (More or less...)

May -Worn Marisa Kirisame (Touhou) Not made by me.
Juny/July - Made & worn Kagamine Rin (Vocalid)
              - Started doing Ukyo (Ranma 1/2), Aya (Touhou), Misao (Kenshin) and Louise (Zero no Tsu.)
Oct/Nov -Worn Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)
              - Started doing Kuroneko (Oreimo)

January~May- Finished Kuroneko, Ukyo, Aya, Misao, Kaguya (Touhou).
                   - Started & finished Ema Skye child (Ace attorney) Yatagarasu (Ace attorney), Nagi (Kannagi) ang Togame (Katanagatari)
                     - Started doing Homura and Madoka (Mahou Shoujo), Shikieiki (Touhou), Taiga (Toradora) and Nia (Gurren Lagann)
March- Worn Misao & Aya.
March/April- Worn Ema Skye child and won cosplay contest.
May- Worn Ukyo Kuonji, Kuroneko & Kay Faraday/Yatagarasu.
July - Worn Nia Teppelin & Nagi
August- Made & worn Rei Ayanami Uniform (evangelion). Won a cosplay contest with it.
June~Aug.- Finished Homura, Taiga and Nia. Started Chen and Ranka.
Sept~Oct- Finished Chen and Ranka.
Oct- Worn Chen (Touhou, touhouvania) and Homura.
Nov- Worn Ranka (Macross Frontier) and finished Shikieiki.
Dec- Made & worn Iori Minase Holy Night (Idolm@ster) and won a cosplay contest with it.

Jan/Feb- Started & finished Iori minase Ryuugu Komachi, Floral Vital Sunflower and Cute&girly Snow strawberry. Finished touches of Togame. Finished Ema Skye Adult (Ace attorney)
March- Worn Togame & Iori Ryuugu Komachi.
March~May- Made Iori Minase Punkish Gothic. Started Iori Minase's My Dear Vampire version (The iDOLM@STER) and new projects (secret by now)
July- Made Mikazuki Yozora Swimsuit (Haganai)
      -Worn Yawara (Yawara!) Not made by me.
October- Worn Kaguya (touhou), Shikieiki (Touhou) and Taiga (Toradora). 
November- Worn Ema Skye Adult (ace Attorney)
December- Made & worn Iori's Snowflake Lilliput (The Idolm@ster). 
               - Worn Kanade (Angel Beats) cosplay and won cosplay contest. 
               - Started doing Iori Minase's Casual Version.

June- Finished Iori Minase's Casual version and My Dear Vampire.
       - Started Iori Minase's *** version. (secret!)
Aug- Started Iori Minase's Holy Night Gifter version.

Jan- Finished  Iori Minase's Holy Night Gifter version.
Feb- Worn Iori Minase's Holy Night Gifter version.
March- Made Touch Detective Mackenzie cosplay.
April- Worn Touch Detective Mackenzie cosplay for photoshoot.
May- Started Kanzaki Ranko's OFA version.
Aug- Started Iori Minase's Street Hopper version.
Dec- Worn Iori Minase's Holy Night Gifter version.

Sept- Finished and worn Iori Minase's Street Hopper version.
Oct- Started Kousaka Honoka Winter&Summer Training Wear.
Nov- Got Lovelive Uniform.
Dec- Started Iori Minase's Forever Star version.

Jan- Finished and worn Iori Minase's Forever Star version.
Feb- Worn Kousaka Honoka Uniform. 
Jan~June- Started&finished Kanzaki Ranko's Rosenburg Engel v. (but something to fix)
June- Finished touches of Kanzaki Ranko's OFA version. 
July- Started Minase Iori's *** v.
Sept~Nov- Made Iori Minase's Halloween Trickster version.

Oct- Worn Kanzaki Ranko's OFA v. and Minase Iori's Halloween Trickster v. for videos.
Nov- Made Kousaka Honoka's Winter Training Wear. Finished details of Kanzaki Ranko's Rosenburg Engel v., and worn it for video.
Dec- Made Kousaka Honoka's Snow Halation version and worn it in a video.

Jan- Started Kagami Hiiragi Winter School Uniform (just the skirt, for Umaru's videos)
March- Finished Kagami Hiiragi Winter School Uniform (the one above) and worn it in a video.
April- Made Minase Iori's Variety Animal version. Going to use it for a video.


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